Speaking of Parks…

Exciting times ahead with the construction of Station Square and the coming of the Gold Line to Monrovia.  The Station Square project will include Monrovia’s eighth park as well as public art, Depot Promenade,  bike racks and more.  Timeline and more information can be found here. (photo above is of the current “end of the line” at Sierra Madre Villa Station.)

Monrovia’s Parks

BerriesThe social value of public space is well documented so we are fortunate that the City of Monrovia enjoys seven parks! It could also be argued that the closing of South Myrtle to traffic on Friday evenings effectively creates an additional weekly public space.  The Friday night street fair and the activities for teens at the Library Plaza encourage and foster a sense of community and social diversity. On a personal note, the weekly ritual of walking over to the street fair and strolling past the stalls, people watching, chatting with vendors, stocking up on fruits and vegetables has been something to look forward to during the work week and a definite stress reducer.

A listing and description of the city parks can be found here  on the city website.

Photography at Monrovia Canyon Park

Monrovia Canyon Park is one of my favorite places in Monrovia.  Capturing it in photographs is challenging because it is shady with dappled light.  I used a tripod and employed exposure blending as a solution.  Exposure blending is a digital solution to “burning and dodging” in the traditional film darkroom.  (It’s also better to shoot early or late in the day.) Ansel Adams was a master of burning and dodging.  His “straight from the camera” prints don’t much resemble the famous images that we recognize.  There’s an interesting article about his darkroom process here.